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Interview with Iwan Kostner

Iwan Kostner im Interview
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Hello, I am Kostner Iwan and I was born in 1976. I have a sister who is three years younger and I grew up in Vahrn near Brixen. At the age of 15 I started a carpentry apprenticeship in my father’s company and worked there for almost 20 years.

After 20 years I decided to take a little time out and reorganize my life. After 7 years of looking around, I decided to become self-employed again and founded a one-man business as an assembly carpenter and at the same time a company with my brother-in-law, dealing with renovations and constructions with environmentally friendly materials.

How did the idea of the smartboxx® come about?

In the last few years we were looking more and more for new challenges and planned and researched about modular construction, Tiny-Houses etc. and wanted to reorient ourselves in this direction.

While we were discussing the possibilities of different use cases and collecting ideas, we came up with the idea of the smartboxx®. When this was in the room, I felt after 4-5 seconds, how it pulled up my hair on my arms. And from that moment on I knew that the smartboxx® was what the world needed.

From then on I had so much power in me and refined, planned, honed this product.

That moment was in April 2020. In mid-July, we received a notice from the NOI Tech Park that we would be given an exhibition space here for a test phase. After that moment, I finished planning the smartboxx®. At the beginning of September we were allowed to set up the first smartboxx® in the NOI Tech Park.

Since then I can show it to all interested people, show them the functionality. It is easy to test the smartboxx® and I get a lot of feedback, which I use to refine and improve the smartboxx® a bit more every day.

What makes the smartboxx® special?

We have a glueless solid wooden wall as structure. We have solid wood floors. We have wooden furniture. Wood is a renewable resource. Wood can be recycled. Wood radiates a natural warmth, creates a pleasant air and is a great material to work with. We put great emphasis on quality. Only high quality materials used. Only selected suppliers who can deliver quality products. Here, too, we have done a lot of research.

What is the indoor and outdoor variant and how can you use it?

You can buy the smartboxx® in 2 variants: The indoor and the outdoor smartboxx® . The indoor version can be used in closed rooms, e.g. at trade fairs, in halls… so that you don’t have to build in a permanent office. You are flexible and can take the smartboxx® with you when you have another location for it. Ideal for exhibition stands to have a quiet meeting room.

As a second variant we offer the outdoor smartboxx®. The difference between the indoor and outdoor variant is that the Outdoor-smartboxx® is also suitable for outdoor use. The roof is sealed, better insulation values for the walls and for the glass front, in order to save energy costs in a sustainable way. Another difference is the static property.

The indoor variant is the solution for e.g. exhibition stands, as mobile office in warehouses or cold storage halls.

The outdoor version can be used e.g. at golf courses, at hotels (you can offer an additional meeting room to your guests). The Outdoor-smartboxx® is ideal for entrepreneurs who have a short-term space problem and still want to have a high-quality working environment. You can place them at charging stations for e-cars to make good use of the charging time.

The possible applications for both variants are very wide-ranging.

What is the vision of the smartboxx®?

My goal and vision is to make the smartboxx® available to everyone worldwide at strategically ideal points, so that you can book it there easily via our app and use it efficiently for meetings, for web meetings or with friends. Working from where you want really becomes reality!

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