smartboxx aussen outdoor
sustainable, high-quality and smart

smartboxx®: the compact and mobile office

Produced in a building-biological and sustainable way Undisturbed and concentrated work ➤ Location-independent intelligent office solution

Structure of the smartboxx® in detail


Infrared panel (integrated with smart-home)


Access control (integrated with smart-home)


Video conference equipment (screen, camera and soundbar with microphone)


Ventilation and air conditioning


LinaHaus elements (wall, ceiling and floor made of solid wood)



The new smartboxx® app

From now on, it is possible for guests, customers, people to book your boxx very easily via the app. This turns the smartboxx® from a mobile office into your own business.

The app:

  • Simple and fast booking
  • The boxx becomes a business model: you place the boxx where many people book it and you earn from the booking revenue.
  • Simple internal administration of the boxx is possible. (Booking for meetings etc.)

The boxx can not only serve as a mobile office through the innovative booking app, but can also be seen as a business model. Imagine buying a smartboxx® and placing it in a place where many people use the boxx, then this can be seen as a sideline or even a passive income.

The right solution for you

This is how we distribute our smartboxx® 

Operator model

Place the box and earn
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)


For own use or rental
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)


Rent the smartboxx®
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)

smartboxx® is a versatile solution

Lack of meeting rooms? Running out of space for new employees? Presenting yourself in a better way at trade shows? The smartboxx® is here for you! Whether as an additional office or meeting room, or even as a high-quality exhibition space… The application possibilities are unlimited.

With a smartboxx® you can offer business travelers an office with state-of-the-art equipment. With this solution you can easily expand your service and thus reach more customers! Of course, the smartboxx® is multifunctional and can also be used as a fitness and yoga room.

Business travel is a regular occurrence on the highway. That’s why our smartboxx® is very suitable for highway service stations. You can work comfortably in the mobile office at the rest stops during breaks in transit: answering e-mails, making video calls and much more.

Imagine if there was a smartboxx® in every city. Working from wherever you want really becomes a reality!

The smartboxx® elevates your event, whether as a high-quality press conference room, consulting room or for extraordinary experiences. Make your event something spectacular!

Upgrade your campsite and also provide a place to work comfortably. Ideal for attracting digital nomads!

The smartboxx® is the ideal addition to your trade show booth to discuss details with prospects in total privacy.

With a family at home or a lack of space in the home office, it is often very difficult to stay productive. This is exactly why the smartboxx® may be attractive to you. It offers a place where you can work undisturbed from “home”. Moreover, there are no limits to your imagination for possible applications.

Buy & Rent

Which smartboxx® solution is right for you?

Indoor variant

smartboxx Indoor Variante
starting from 29.900 €
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)
  • Wall thickness of 10cm
  • Ventilation system
  • For indoor use (e.g. trade fairs)

Outdoor variant

smartboxx Outdoor Variante
starting from 37.900 €
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)
  • Wall thickness of 13cm
  • Ventilation system
  • For outdoor use (e.g. Parking spaces)

Custom variant

starting from 29.900 €
  • 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height)
  • Indoor or outdoor version
  • According to your wishes
  • With your own logo & advertising banner

What is important to us

Building in an organic and sustainable way

Wall, ceiling and floor are made of glue-free solid wood and other bio-construction materials. Sustainability is important to us!

High-quality equipment

The wood has a first-class finish and the equipment is of high quality. Monitors, video conferencing equipment, ClickShare, ventilation, heating, acoustic elements and much more!


Smart and connected technology for easy and uncomplicated use. Our Loxone Smart-Home system solves this challenge.

Iwan Kostner

My story

Hello, my name is Iwan Kostner and I am a trained carpenter. In my career, I have already gained a lot of experience. However, wood has always been and remains one of my great passions. Already 30 years ago I worked in this field and was responsible as a coordinator for various disciplines in construction. Shortly: I became the single point of contact for everything!

The idea of a mobile office came to me while working at home during Lockdown in March 2020. Especially in the home office, I realized how convenient it would actually be to have a small office either close by or even in front of my house. So the idea was born to create a space where you not only have all the necessary work equipment at your disposal, but above all, you can work without being disturbed and with concentration. So with the smartboxx® I have created a small mobile office that will significantly benfit many. I am convinced of that!


The Vision

Create rooms across the globe that can be booked easily and flexible, so you can work undisturbed at any time. With a smartboxx® in various locations and a simple booking app, this becomes reality!


Realized smartboxx® projects

Valpolicella 2022

Valpolicella 2022

Thanks to two smartboxxes, employees can now also work in the middle of the vines at the “La Collina Dei Ciliegi” winery and hold discussions with customers.

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Messe Bauma München 2022

Fair Bauma Munich 2022

At the Bauma 2022 fair in Munich we had presented 2 scenarios:
1. the construction site of the past and the construction site of the future.
2. a group of people with the sculptures of the artist Armin Grunt, represent people in conversation and if they want to talk in peace, the smartboxx makes this possible!

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Fair Drinktec Munich 2022

The Drinktec 2022 trade fair in Munich was the first attempt to make the smartboxx available to exhibitors and visitors by allowing them to book the smartboxx for talks, meetings or presentations.

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A22 2021

Since July 2021, the A22 has owned an outdoor smartboxx, which they use to host high-quality meetings.

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Terra X Cube

These 2 indoor smartboxxes were used for a sleep study at 3,000 meters altitude in Bolzano in the Terra X Cube of Eurac for half a year.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the smartboxx®

The standard size is 3 meters high (exterior). However, the height can be adjusted individually.

The smartboxx® is 2.5m (width) X 4m (length) X 3m (height).
The width is 2.5m for transport reasons and is therefore not customizable, however the length and height are.

As a rule, it is not necessary to pour a foundation. For a lawn, for example, packing plates are needed, for a terrace or roof it is important to check the static values first. This question will be answered in more detail in the application process.

Short answer: yes. There are different rental options depending on your requirements.

Yes, we also deliver outside of Italy.

No, transport costs are calculated separately.

The smartboxx® is equipped with a country-specific power plug.

The smartboxx® can be connected to the Internet via LAN or WLAN.