The wooden wall

LinaHaus solid wood

➤ One of the unique characteristics of the smartboxx® is the sustainable, glue-free solid wood construction method of LinaHaus. Wall, floor and ceiling consist of these specially patented LinaHaus-elements.


Why build with solid wood?


Wood binds one ton of CO2 per cubic meter, whereas concrete releases the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere during production.


Wood has a positive influence on well-being, is a blessing for allergy sufferers, creates a balanced indoor climate and protects against radiation exposure.

The cycle

Wood is an ideal cycle material, regionally available and replaces finite raw materials. Residual wood is also recycled.


LinaHaus-elements properties

Natural, without glue and without foreign materials.

Dimensionally stable, no component joints necessary.

Airtight, without additional barrier layers and foils.

Heat insulating, with a lambda value of 0.08W/mK at 34cm thickness.

Radiation protection, radiation is effectively shielded.

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