Realized smartboxx® projects

Valpolicella 2022

Valpolicella 2022

Thanks to two smartboxxes, employees can now also work in the middle of the vines at the “La Collina Dei Ciliegi” winery and hold discussions with customers.

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Messe Bauma München 2022

Fair Bauma Munich 2022

At the Bauma 2022 fair in Munich we had presented 2 scenarios:
1. the construction site of the past and the construction site of the future.
2. a group of people with the sculptures of the artist Armin Grunt, represent people in conversation and if they want to talk in peace, the smartboxx makes this possible!

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Fair Drinktec Munich 2022

The Drinktec 2022 trade fair in Munich was the first attempt to make the smartboxx available to exhibitors and visitors by allowing them to book the smartboxx for talks, meetings or presentations.

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A22 2021

Since July 2021, the A22 has owned an outdoor smartboxx, which they use to host high-quality meetings.

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Terra X Cube

These 2 indoor smartboxxes were used for a sleep study at 3,000 meters altitude in Bolzano in the Terra X Cube of Eurac for half a year.

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