Workation: The new way to work and live

The concept of workation is not new, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years. Workation is a combination of work and vacation that allows people to work remotely while enjoying the benefits of travel. The increase in remote work, affordable travel options and the need for a work-life balance are some of the reasons why more and more people are choosing Workation.

1. Increase in productivity through Workation

One of the main benefits of Workation is the increase in productivity. Studies have shown that people who work from home or remotely tend to be more productive than those who work in an office. Being in a new environment can stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas. In addition, being away from the distractions of the office and daily routine can help people focus better.

2. Improve work-life-balance

Workation is also a great way to improve work-life balance. Often people feel they have to choose between a fulfilling career and a fulfilling personal life. Workation allows people to have the best of both worlds. They can continue to work and advance their careers while exploring new places and cultures, meeting new people and having new experiences.

3. cost-efficient with smartboxx®.

Another benefit of Workation is that it can be done on a lower budget than a traditional vacation. With the rise of digital nomads, the cost of living has dropped significantly and many remote workers can afford to travel and work on a budget.

4. Challenges at Workation

However, it’s not just about working and enjoying the view. Workation requires more discipline and organization, setting the right boundaries between work and leisure, and finding the perfect work-life balance that works for you.


In summary, Workation is an exciting and rewarding way to work and live. It allows people to be productive, improve work-life balance, and learn about new cultures and ways of life. As the trend for remote work continues to grow, Workation is becoming an increasingly popular and viable option for people who want to combine work and travel.