smartboxx® Business model

Place the boxx and earn

The smartboxx® can be considered as an independent company.
You place the smartboxx® and earn the booking revenues.

Easy to book

The new smartboxx® app

This app turns the box into a business model of its own. Via the smartboxx® app, your customers / guests can easily and quickly book the smartboxx® .

What do I need?

Start a business with the smartboxx®

➡ A place to set up the smartboxx®.
➡ Ideally, this should be a well-visited place where many people will also book the smartboxx®.


Possible uses with the Business smartboxx®


Business travellers spend many unproductive hours at airports. Imagine if these people had a room where they could hold meetings or work undisturbed.

Railway stations

Many travellers are also on the move at railway stations and need a quiet space for productive work.


Make the boxx available for your guests. If you have many business travellers in your hotel, the smartboxx® is a useful additional service.


It can be used for various services

Can be booked,

➡  to work without being disturbed
➡  for meetings
➡  to record podcast,
➡  as a coaching room: one to one conversations
➡  as a yoga room

The trends

Be successful with the smartboxx®

The trends in the world of work are increasingly moving in these directions:

➡  Coworking spaces
➡  Digital nomads
➡  Working from wherever you want

For this reason, the smartboxx® is an innovative and future-oriented company. There is also the possibility to enter into a partnership where we share the costs on a percentage basis and the income from the bookings in the same proportion.

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